All Things Vocabulary 2.3

Hey, Jags!

Check out your vocabulary 2.3 video below. As always, be sure to make your foldable and add the new roots, prefixes, and suffixes to the appropriate section of your notebook to earn the full twenty points for the foldable. Also, make sure you study your foldable to prepare for the vocabulary quiz. You guys didn’t do as well on your vocabulary 2.2 quiz, and I suspect that is because many of you made your foldable during the break and then didn’t look at it again before your quiz. It isn’t enough to make the foldable, you also need to study the foldable by quizzing yourself or having a friend or family member quiz you on both the vocabulary words AND the unit two root words.

If you forgot how to make the foldable or if you aren’t sure where to write the other roots, prefixes, and suffixes, check out the video explaining how to make the vocabulary foldables below.

Study study study, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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