Quills and Thrills: Writing Prompt Week Three

Ahoy, Quillers and Thrillers!

Welcome back to another week of Quills and Thrills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation! Many of you have turned in your Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship pledges and signed permission forms already, but if you haven’t done that yet please remember to turn them in this week.

If you are new to Quills and Thrills this week, check out the prompts for weeks one and two, or you can just jump right into this week’s prompt. Before you can start building your online presence, however, you need to review the Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship pledge and permission form with your parents or guardians and turn it in as soon as possible.

Don’t have the Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship permission form signed yet? No worries, you can still create the tools needed to build your online presence and set them aside until you get the permission form signed.

Do your parents prefer that you refrain from publishing your writing online? No problem! You can still participate in the writing prompts and keep a journal!

Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge

Last week’s Figurative Language Throw Down Challenge was a success! Check out the prompt and the responses here. Congratulations to Elijah for winning the challenge with the most likes on your tweet! Find the prompt for this week in the tweet below. Make sure to submit your responses using #QuillsandThrillsFLTD!

Is this your first Figurative Language Throw Down? Check out the rules for the weekly challenge before playing for the first time.

New Experience: Writing Upside Down!


A small percentage of writing happens with a pen in your hand or a keyboard under your fingers. In fact, the bulk of writing happens through new experiences both profound and mundane. After all, how can you write about exciting new adventures without having a few adventures yourself?

This week’s experiences requires only a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Now, write upside down for two minutes without stopping! Not sure what to write about? Try writing about how it feels to write upside down while writing upside down! HA! Remember, when writing about how something feels, it is helpful to stretch your mind and use figurative language and imagery in your description. That also helps your readers understand the experience themselves!

imgresBefore  moving on to next week’s prompt, brainstorm different instances in which it’ll be helpful to know what it feels like to write upside down. Remember, some individuals with specific disabilities (such as an amputated or broken writing hand or brain injuries) may have as much (if not more) trouble writing normally as you just had with writing upside down. How could this improve your writing? Brainstorm different scenarios in which this experience will help your writing come alive.

The Prompt


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week is all about other people in your life. Before you start writing, think about the most influential or inspiring person that you know personally. For the purposes of this prompt, do not write about a celebrity or fictional character.

Part 1: Introduce this person to your reader

First, write a paragraph or two introducing this person to your reader (make sure to get permission first and respect their privacy!). Who are they? How do you know them? Use anecdotes, figurative language, and imagery to show your reader who this person is rather than just tell them.

Part 2: Use an anecdote to explain why they’re influential or inspirational

Second, use an anecdote or a series of anecdotes that explain how this person has influenced or inspired you. What specific moment or moments made this person special? Once again, use imagery, figurative language, and short anecdotes to relive the important moments along with your readers.

Part 3: Interview this special person!

Now for the fun part! Now that you’ve introduced this person to your readers and have taken them back in time to your favorite moments, conduct an interview! You may make up your own questions, but I’ve also posted a few below to help you get started.

  1. What was the most valuable piece of advice anybody has ever given you?
  2. Can you tell me the story behind that piece of advice? Why was it necessary?
  3. Who is/was the most influential person in your life?
  4. You’ve always been very passionate about ___. How did you get started with this passion?

When adding the interview to your blog post, you may decide to post the questions and then the answers, or you may decide to eliminate the questions altogether and rephrase the answers so the blog post reads more like a biography. You may also decide to record the interview with a video, and then post the video to your blog! Just make sure your influential person is comfortable with you sharing their story to your blog before you post anything.

That’s All, Folks!

Stay tuned for my response to this writing prompt! I’m having Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and I think I’m going to take advantage of this time for my interview.

Struggling to find ideas? Having trouble finding the words to express your ideas? You’re not alone! Check out Writer’s Block Therapy for cathartic memes and tweets!

If you publish your own response to this prompt somewhere on the interwebs, please share it with me by linking to it in the comments below! Just make sure to check out the Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship before creating your own blog or YouTube channel. Safety comes first!

Tune in next week for a new writing prompt!


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