All Things Vocabulary 3.1

Happy Monday, Jags!

We’re starting a new vocabulary unit this week! Yay! You’ll need to create two foldables this week: Unit 3 Root Word Foldable and Vocabulary 3.1 Foldable. Each foldable is worth 20 points total, so make sure you do them both!

Also, many of you didn’t bother to memorize the definitions to the root words in the last unit, which brought your quiz grades down considerably. Make sure you memorize those root words! They hold the key to the definitions of the vocabulary words. If you memorize the root words, you won’t need to spend as much time studying the vocabulary words every week, and you’ll be able to figure out the definitions to unfamiliar words as well (hint: you’ll be expected to do this for your fall final in five weeks)! It’s a win/win situation!

Please create your Unit 3 Root Word Foldable before creating your Vocabulary 3.1 Foldable. That video is available below.

Now that you’ve finished creating your root word foldable, you may create your Vocabulary 3.1 Foldable. That video is below.

Were you one of the twenty-eight students who prefer images of each slide instead of videos? If so, click here to view the slide show! Just make sure you study study study! If vocabulary grades do not improve this week, I will not provide any more slide shows.

Do you keep earning 15/20 points on your weekly vocabulary foldable? Learn how to earn full points by watching the video below!


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