Priority List – 10/20/15

Good morning, Jags!

I’m sorry I was unable to make it to school today. My cold is quite persistent, and I don’t want to infect any of you with my nasty cold cooties. Also, since I am not well enough to make a worthy vocabulary video, your vocabulary quiz has been postponed until next Friday. I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you.

Periods 1, 3, 4, and 5, your priority today is to complete Mr. Rasberry’s bell ringer and exit ticket and to read “Penelope” and “The Challenge.”

Periods 2 and 6, next Monday and Tuesday we’ll have a Socratic seminar in class. For those of you who don’t know what a Socratic seminar is, it is basically a discussion led by the students with the teacher acting solely as a facilitator. In order to prepare for the seminar, you will need to think deeply about how you will answer your assigned questions. You may also decide to bring your own questions about the text to the seminar.

Due to the lengthy process of Socratic seminar, we must split the class into two groups: an A group and a B group. To know which group you belong to, simply consider your assigned class number. This is the same number that determines which book you use and which iPad or computer you use:

  • Odd numbers belong to group A. Click here to access your questions.
  • Even numbers belong to group B. Click here to access your questions.

You have the class period today to answer your assigned questions and to come up with any others you may wish to ask during the seminar.

I’ll (hopefully) see you tomorrow!

Ms. Hayes


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