English 9 Vocabulary

“Words are not just words. They are the nexus – the interface – between communication and thought. When we read, it is through words that we build, refine, and modify our knowledge. What makes vocabulary valuable and important is not the words themselves so much as the understandings they afford.” – Marilyn Jager Adams

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You will take vocabulary quizzes at the beginning of class every Friday. If you are absent, I expect you to schedule an appointment with me to make up your vocabulary quiz during lunch or after school on the day you return to school. Otherwise, you will receive a zero on your quiz.

Immediately after each quiz, you will create your interactive notebook study guide for the following week. Always be prepared for study guide checks the following Monday!

Download printable vocabulary lists here.

Download vocabulary data sheets here. 

Download root word foldables here. 

Unit 1 1.1: 8/21/15 1.28/28/15 1.39/4/15 1.49/11/15 1.59/18/15
Aer Aerobic Aerodynamic Aerosol Aerate Aerie
Aqua/Hydr Aquatic Aquifer Hydraulic Hydrate Hydrophobia
Arch Anarchist Monarchy Archetype Hierarchy Oligarchy
Astr Asterisk Astronomy Asteroid Disaster Astronomical
Aud Audition Audible Auditorium Audio Audiology
Bio Biometric Biodiversity Biohazard Biodegradable Biography
Chron/Temp Chronic Synchronize Tempo Contemporary Temporal
Clam Exclaim Proclamation Clamor Acclaim Reclaim
Spir Respiration Expire Inspire Spirit Perspire
Academic Analyze Summarize Infer Collaborate Synthesize
Unit 2 2.19/25/15 2.210/2/15 2.310/16/15 2.410/23/15 2.510/30/15
Clud/Clus Conclude Seclude Exclusive Reclusive Occlude
Cogn Cognizant Incognito Connoisseur Cognition Cognizance
Cor Courage Discord Cordial Accord Concord
Cycl Cyclical Cyclone Unicycle Cyclops Encyclopedia
Dem/Pop Democracy Demographic Epidemic Popular Populous
Dict Verdict Contradict Dictator Prediction Indict
Doc Document Doctrine Docile Indoctrinate Documentary
Dur Durable Duress Endure Duration Obdurate
Struct Destructive Obstruct Instruction Construct Construe
Academic Classify Discern Derive Elaborate Critique
Unit 3 3.111/6/15 3.211/13/15 3.311/20/15 3.412/4/15 3.512/11/15
Equ Equate Equilibrium Equity Equivocal Equitable
Foil Exfoliate Trefoil Portfolio Foliage Defoliant
Gen Gene Genesis Indigenous Progeny Genocide
Geo/Terr Geology Geode Terrain Territory Terrestrial
Grad/Gress Graduate Progressive Degrade Regress Gradual
Here/Hes Adhesive Adhere Coherent Hesitate Cohesive
Leg Legal Legislation Legitimate Privilege Relegate
Lev Elevate Alleviate Levity Lever Leverage
Urb Urban Suburb Suburbanite Urbane Urbanize
Academic Exemplify Conduct Articulate Delineate Initiate
Unit 4 4.11/8/16 4.21/15/16 4.31/22/16 4.41/29/16 4.52/5/16
Loc Location Allocate Logical Locomotion Locality
Lum/Luc Luminary Translucent Luminous Lucid Illuminate
Manu Manual Maneuver Manufacture Manipulate Manifest
Mar Marine Marina Maritime Marinate Mariner
Mater/Pater Matron Patriarchal Matriarch Patriotism Patronize
Mit/Miss Transmit Emit Intermittent Missionary Submissive
Mob/Mot/Mov Motive Immobilize Motile Mobile Movement
Mon Premonition Admonish Monument Monitor Summon
Vid/Vis Evident Provide Visionary Improvise Revise
Academic Interpret Execute Convey Conjecture Pose
Unit 5 5.12/12/16 5.22/19/16 5.32/26/16 5.43/4/16 5.53/11/16
Mort Mortal Mortify Mortgage Mortuary Morbid
Onym Synonym Anonymous Pseudonym Homonym Antonym
Ped Pedestrian Pedestal Centipede Impede Expedite
Phil Philanthropy Philosophy Hydrophilic Philharmonic Bibliophile
Phon Symphony Cacophony Homophone Phonetic Phonograph
Port Portal Rapport Transport Export Purport
Scrib Describe Scribe Inscription Scripture Prescribe
Spec Spectator Speculate Spectacle Spectacular Retrospect
Volv/Volu Evolve Revolver Revolution Convoluted Voluble
Academic Employ Recount Deduce Differentiate Elicit


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