All Things Vocabulary 2.1

Happy Tuesday, Jags!

We’re starting our new vocabulary unit this week! If you have not done so already, please make your new root word foldable for this unit and add it to page 123 of your interactive notebook. Don’t forget to draw the pictures on the inside flaps! Check out the new roots below:

  1. Clud, Clus: Latin – shut, to close
  2. Cogn: Latin – know
  3. Cor: Latin – heart
  4. Cycl: Latin – circle
  5. Dem, Pop: Latin – people
  6. Dict: Latin – to say or speak
  7. Doc: Latin – to teach
  8. Dur: Latin – hard
  9. Struct: Latin – to build or make

I will check both the vocabulary foldable and the root word foldable in class on Friday. Enjoy your week! 😀


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