My Soul in the Mirror

Howdy, dear reader!

Here is my response to the first Quills and Thrills writing prompt: Use imagery and figurative language to define the importance of writing in your life.

For me,
writing is like
looking at my soul in the mirror.
And I don’t mean writing for
or for
I mean writing for me.
I mean writing the words
in my head,
looking for a way out
a way to show themselves
to the world –
for better or for worse.
writing can cause great torment.
But it can also cause
Sometimes, I just
the words
to express
an idea:
But once I finally do,
once it’s all laid out on paper
or on screen,
or on napkin,
once I can finally hit “publish”
with confidence,
it is more satisfying than waking up on Christmas morning,
more satisfying than that first sip of sweet mint water on a hot yellow day.
Because every reread initiates another wave of pride,
another satisfying glimpse of my soul in the mirror.
My writing serves as a reminder of my self-worth;
it reminds me
I only need myself to be happy in this world.
Writing is self-expression.
How will you express yourself?

Write definition

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