Who’s Ms. Hayes?


I’ve designed this website for four different types of people: students, parents, teachers, and writers. Continue reading to learn more about each section.

Class Website for Students and Teachers

Categorized under the Students and Parents section of the website, I frequently post updates about class projects, activities, and assignments along with helpful resources the students my use to complete their lessons at home or in class. I also have resources available to parents interested in supporting their students’ learning and development such as Fixed vs. Growth Mindset: A Resource for Parents with Struggling Students. Check out the English 9 Course Syllabus and my Technology Letter to Parents now.

Quills and Thrills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation

Quills and Thrills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation is an after school club for students of all ages funded by the Title I Extended Day Academic Program Grant. The goal of the club is to support and enrich students’ writing skills by providing them with extra exposure to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Specifically, the club aims to safely support students who wish to write for real audiences in the blogosphere, on YouTube, or through other social media platforms. Every week I post a new writing prompt along with resources designed to scaffold the students’ writing experiences. My hope is that other members of the blogging community will also participate in the weekly writing prompts so the students realize that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and learn how to be active members of a supportive writing community. Take part today! Learn more about Quills and Thrills through the About page, or check out the first writing prompt. You might also check out The Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship for Students now!

Strategies and Resources for Teachers

Since I’m a super nerdy teacher, I enjoy blogging about teaching in my spare time. Super cool, I know. Over the years, I’ve blogged about resources collected from professional development opportunities and gleaned from my own teaching experiences. I’ve categorized these under the Teachers section of this website in an effort to support both novice and experienced teachers with their own strategies and curriculum. Most recently I published the SAMR EdTech series, a collection of blog posts about how to implement various tech tools and strategies into the K-12 classroom. My favorite two posts for teachers are below:

My Personal Blog

The section titled Who’s Ms. Hayes serves as my personal blog. Sometimes, when I’m burnt out on writing about teaching, I’ll experiment with fiction and poetry. I’ve spent the last two years working on a novel titled The Six Provinces of Debris. You can find early drafts of the first three chapters as well as some short character back stories in this section of the website. I’ve also posted some reflections of my own writing process, including On Writing, (Somewhat) Random Thoughts about Writing, and Adventures In World Building.

So, who am I?

My name is Kelly Hayes and I teach 9th grade English. I’ve also taught 11th grade English, 12th grade English, AP Literature and Composition, and 7th-grade language arts. I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education at the University of New Mexico in 2011, and I am working on a Master’s degree in Literacy and Language Arts.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.30.16 PMI have two fur babies at home: a gray tabby cat named Dexter and a white mutt named Baloo. When I have some spare time or feel like procrastinating, I’ll binge watch shows on Netflix or read for hours on the couch. Currently, I’m impatiently waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and for D. J. MacHale to finish the next book in The Sylo Chronicles. I love book suggestions from my students, so please share any and all good literature with me! I also enjoy writing, and I am working on a big project that I just *might* share with students who bring me extravagant gifts such as black coffee, chocolate, or book suggestions.

*For my students who want to know about my goals as a teacher, please continue reading. If you are not interested and ready to move on with your life, you may ignore the next paragraph and skip right on down to the salutation!*

My goal as a teacher of English is to sculpt my students into analytical thinkers and literate contributors to society by exposing them to a range of literary genres, both challenging and enjoyable. I continually strive to help students develop the ability to clearly articulate complex concepts by providing them with opportunities to draft, revise, publish, and perform multiple types of writing. In addition to teaching content, I aim to guide students through the joys and heartaches of self-discovery by creating a classroom environment that is challenging yet forgiving.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to the 2015-2016 school year!


Ms. Hayes

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