Greek Deity Outline Preparation – Questions for Discussion

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Over the past few days, you’ve been engaged in research on your assigned Greek deity. While researching, each member of your group was responsible for one of the following topics: deity characteristics, myths starring the deity, and ancient Greek culture relevant to your deity.

Please use the discussion questions below to share your new knowledge with the rest of the group. Have one person in each group type notes into your group’s GoogleDoc (please copy and paste these questions into your GoogleDoc and type the answers under each question).

  1. Discuss how the myths exemplify the deity’s characteristics. You will do this by first sharing the characteristics of the deity, then by finding evidence of those characteristics within the myths. Please find evidence of at least three characteristics within one to three myths.
  2. How might your findings within the myths tie into ancient Greek culture? For example if you’re studying Hera, how does Hera’s marriage to Zeus compare to or contrast with ancient Greek marriage ceremonies? Please find at least three connections between the myths and ancient Greek culture.
  3. Finally, consider how you might respond to your essay prompt: Write a well-developed research paper analyzing how an ancient deity represents the values of the culture from which it came. While reading myths about your deity, you may find it helpful to consider how specific character traits lead to rewards, while others lead to consequences. What will you use as the topics for each of your body paragraphs? What will you use as your three main ideas for each paragraph?