What is Quills and Thrills?


Welcome to Quills and Thrills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation!

Quills and Thrills is an after school club funded by the Extended Day Academic Program (EDAP) Grant. We meet after school from 2:30 to 4:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in room F321 with Ms. Hayes. It is open to students of all ages, and we are always accepting new members!

Publish your writing to an online blog!*

The goal of Quills and Thrills is to help students interested in strengthening their writing skills by appealing to student interests. With the advent of the Internet, creative writing is completely different today than it was fifteen years ago. Quills and Thrills will not only help you to strengthen your writing skills, it will also teach you how to publish your writing to the Internet using popular social media sites such as YouTube, blogs, Twitter, and any other method of publishing you are interested in pursuing.*

Start your own YouTube channel!*

Do you want to be the next YouTube sensation? Awesome! Come to Thrills and Quills to learn how to produce and cut video using iMovie. Learn how to make fancy music videos to accompany that awesome new song that you wrote, or learn how to manipulate existing movie trailers to reflect a completely different genre than the original!

Reach new audiences with an online portfolio!*

Not interested in writing but interested in publishing your artwork instead? No problem! Art and photography blogs are extremely popular these days. Quills and Thrills will help you to build your online portfolio and market your artwork so you may reach more people with your artistic vision.*

Just come to write!

Are you interested in writing but not interested in publishing? That’s okay too! Come to write, and skip the publishing step. Quills and Thrills is here to support you with whatever you want to do.

Join us in person or online!

Are you unable to come after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because of a sports commitment or transportation issues? No problem! Because Quills and Thrills is meant for the Google generation, everything we do in class will also be available online. In fact, check out the first writing prompt here!

*Students may only publish their writing online after reviewing the Ten Commandments of Digital Citizenship with their parents or guardians and signing the pledge. Without a pledge signed by both student and parent, students will not be allowed to publish with Thrills and Quills: Creative Writing for the Google Generation. 

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