Ms. Hayes’ Foldables

Foldables are a fun, easy way to organize information that you’ll need to refer back to later when studying for a test or quiz. They’ve been designed to display some pieces of information up front, while concealing other pieces of information to aid with understanding an studying of material.

We will keep all of the foldables we create in various sections of our interactive student notebooks. I will tell you where to tape foldables into you notebook as they are assigned.

Sometimes, I’ll give you the option to choose your own foldable for displaying information. You can find printable templates for my favorite foldables below.

For each of the foldables below, you are to cut on the large or thick dotted lines and fold on the thin dotted lines. You may also find it easier to download the original directions.

Booklet Foldable

Diamond Foldable

Diamond Four-Door Foldable

Four-Door Foldable

Isosceles Triangle Foldable

Six Door Foldable

Root Word Foldable

Three-Tab Foldable

Tri-Fold Foldable

Volcano Foldabe


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