TKAM Group 5

Download the directions for the Group Teacher Project

Group 5: The Rise of Black Identity and Culture after The Civil War 

1st period presentation: Wednesday, April 8th from 8:05 – 8:30

  • Greg
  • Mayra
  • Yovane
  • Lorenzo

5th period presentation: Wednesday, April 8th from 11:15 – 11:40

  • Consuela
  • Alexis B.
  • Shorty
  • Patricia
  • The Great Migration: Blacks Moving From the South to the North after The Civil War
    • What was The Great Migration? What started it? Where did it occur and when?
    • How did The Great Migration change/affect life in places where blacks were migrating from and where they migrated to? What changes can we still see in America today as a result of The Great Migration?
    • What effect did it have on the Blacks who decided to stay and not join the migration? What connections does this have to the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?
  • The Harlem Renaissance: The Rebirth of Black Arts and Culture in the North
    • What was the Harlem Renaissance? Where did it occur and who/what did it involve? Name some major people/results of it?
    • How did the Harlem Renaissance change life for blacks in America? Can we still see evidence of it in America today? If so, how/where?
    • Does it go against what many people in America believed about Blacks at the time/today? If so how?
    • How did the Harlem Renaissance affect the politics of the decades leading up to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s?
  • The Black Church: The Rise of the Church in the Southern Black Community and in
    Educating and Organizing Black Communities for Civil Rights

    • What were some of the earliest Black churches in the U.S.? Who started/founded them? Give some history of some of these pioneering churches including dates, locations, Christian denominations, and early church leaders.
    • What role did Black churches (particularly in the South) play after the Civil War in educating African Americans? How did singing in the church help reading and literacy? Discuss “call and response” and early Negro Spirituals.
    • What role did the Black churches play in organizing the Civil Rights Movement for Blacks in the U.S.? Who were some of the famous Civil Rights activists connected that were also church leaders? Explain how the Black church was critical to educating and organizing Blacks in the South after the Civil War.
  • The Evolution of Black Music: Negro Spirituals/Field Music to Modern Day Hip-Hop
    • “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol/performed by Billie Holliday
    • What were the early forms of Black music? What were its roots and how was it evolving in slaves in the U.S.?
    • What were the messages and what was the power of Black music to its people in America, especially early on?
    • What has been the evolution of Black music from its roots to modern day styles such as hip hop? How has it influenced other kinds of music that has become popular in America? Who were some of the most influential pioneers of it throughout its history?



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