Song of Solomon One-Pagers

During the months of January and February, you will complete and turn in a series of six One-Pagers while reading The Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. Each One-Pager will consist of five quotes and five analysis paragraphs, much like a dialectical journal.

  • The first three of the quotes will track the development of the three major characters in the novel.
  • The fourth quote will track the development of the various themes of the novel.
  • The last quote will make an academic connection to anything outside of the novel, whether that is an allusion to another text, historical information about the time period in which the novel takes place, any of the literature terms we are studying in class, craft and structure, or anything else you can think of.

While this assignment is called a One-Pager, you are not limited to one page. You are welcome to continue writing on the back of the page or on an attached sheet of loose-leaf notebook paper.

Download blank One-Pagers to print off at home here. 

Download the One-Pager directions here. 

The due dates for each One-Pager are below (please note that these are subject to change):

  • Chapter 1 due January 14 & 16
  • Chapters 2-3 due January 22 & 23
  • Chapters 4-6 due January 28 & 29
  • Chapters 7-9 due February 4 & 5
  • Chapters 10-12 due February 11 & 12
  • Chapters 13-15 due February 20


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