Care to Know About Kelly?

10516835_10100817589785427_5380457845282367157_nOh Em Gee! A reader! Hi, reader! If you care to know a little bit about me, continue reading. If you don’t, hit your browser’s back button as quickly as you can. I promise I won’t be offended.

You want to continue reading? Very well…

I teach English Language Arts, which means that I’m supposed to be a pro at this writing thing, but, as I’ve come to realize, just because you know the rules doesn’t mean that you can create something worth reading.

Lately, I’ve been struck with this idea for a trilogy of novels. I know, join the club, right? But I can’t get this pesky story to leave me alone. I used to write fiction all the time. Nothing big or impressive, just short little stories here and there for a creative writing class or for fun.

Originally I thought that writing this trilogy would be easy. Ha! Au contraire, since diving into this project head first, I’ve realized that I need to strengthen my creativity muscle, and I need feedback from more people than my boyfriend. So, in order to save my relationship and to ease this anxious energy I’ve adopted since starting this project, I’ll rely on the willing folks of the internet to give me feedback, good or bad.

Thanks for reading!



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